How long have you been in business?

We've been in business for over 30 years.

What's a minimum order you accept?

For a delivery our minimum order is a half cord. We have no minimum order for pickups.

Do you ship/deliver the wood?

Yes, we can ship fire wood ANYWHERE in the USA

How long does it take wood to dry?

We leave our wood in the kiln for 30 hours to dry it.

What is the difference between kiln dried and seasoned firewood?

The main difference is kiln dried firewood allows us to control how dry the wood gets. With seasoned firewood you run into weather related issues where a wet spell could prolong the process. With kiln dried wood it's done in a controlled environment so we can guarantee what kind of fire wood you're getting.

What are a Face Cord and a Full Cord? How much is a full cord, do you measure by face cord? etc

We sell our fire wood by full cords according to Minnesota Statutes, Section 239.33. A full cord occupies 120 cubic feet when its cut, split and stacked.

How should I store firewood?

We recommend storing the kiln dried firewood in a garage or shed. If it stored outside ALWAYS makes sure it is covered. If it gets wet you lose the benefit from the kiln dried firewood!

Do you offer wholesale bundles?

Yes! We ship and provide wholesale pallets to businesses across the country.