Delivering Firewood & Mulch to the Twin City Area

Want consistently high-quality firewood near you and exceptional customer service? That’s what you can expect when you order from ProCut Firewood for your firewood, mulch and cooking wood needs. Our kiln-dried firewood and premium mulch always come clean and primed for exceptional performance. And you can enjoy prompt delivery right to your door

Superior Firewood and Mulch

You shouldn’t have to struggle to ignite firewood while choking on all the smoke. The same goes for mulch containing recycled pallet wood that can harm your soil. Instead, experience the difference top-quality firewood and mulch can make!

At ProCut Firewood, we put extra time and effort into our wood production process. Our responsibly harvested hardwood goes through several steps to ensure it’s the best it can be. Here’s how we make the superior wood products you deserve:

Kiln-Dried to Perfection

We dry our firewood at 265 degrees for 36 hours for quick ignition, prolonged fires, less smoke and the removal of all bugs and mold.

MDA-Certified Product

All products come certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for safe transport since they contain no invasive pests.

100% Organic Hardwood

Our mulch contains nothing but organic hardwood, which means it will provide maximum nutrition for your soil and plants.

Convenient Order Options

You can choose from a wide variety of species and styles and select the ideal amount of firewood or mulch for your needs.

Exceptionally Clean Wood

We take great care to protect our wood from the elements so that it stays dry and free from debris for your enjoyment.

Consistently High-Quality

You can always depend on our wood to give you great results because we consistently follow industry-leading best practices.

Try Our Perfectly Sized 2×4 Mini Stack

The Mini Stack is our most popular firewood ordering option. This compact, 2’x4’ stack of clean, kiln-dried wood comes tightly wrapped and ready for convenient storage. We can deliver it to your home and place it anywhere on the ground level of your property.

Please call 507-280-7780 to order your mini stack or visit our firewood page to see our other ordering options.

Professional and Helpful Service

We make the ordering process as easy and enjoyable as it is to ignite our firewood! When you call ProCut Firewood, you will always get a live person on the other end during business hours. This knowledgeable team member will provide helpful answers to any questions you might have, including:

  • How much firewood or mulch should I order?
  • Which species of wood should I choose?
  • Where should I store my wood for best results?

We’ll take the time to listen, understand your needs and provide the expert guidance you deserve. You can chat with us over the phone or stop by our business to talk in person.

Prompt Delivery to the Twin Cities Region

If you live anywhere within the greater Minneapolis metro area, we can bring this exceptional firewood to you. We’re located in Rochester but regularly venture out to Owatonna, Winona, St. Paul and beyond. Orders typically take between 1-3 days to arrive.

Contact Us Today To Place Your Firewood Or Mulch Order!